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A Proposal to Mitigate Materially Significant Risk

On Friday, 04 February 2022, the Deputy Minister of the Department of Water & Sanitation (DWS), Honorable David Mahlobo, invited the CIP Team to present options for mitigating the following risk profiles that may have a detrimental effect on the Vaal River System Intervention Project:

  • Community Disruption
  • Historical Backlog (Infrastructure Overload)
  • Pollution & Health Hazard
  • Lack of Visibility

The CIP Team presented their observations and mitigating strategies on Monday, 07 February 2022 to the Deputy Minister (DM) and his Team (video recording below), summarized into two tracks:

  1. Community Disruption & Sabotage vs the Stakeholder Forum
  2. Pollution, Infrastructure Overload & Lack of Visibility vs the PS08 Innovation Flagship

The presentation was well received and the DM invited the CIP Team to engage with the DWS Team Members present and requested a follow-up session within 72 hours. This engagement marked a pivotal juncture in the VRSI project life-cycle, as it pertains to pro-active and cooperative risk mitigation strategies – There is no room for error in this project; the world is watching…

In the interest of transparency (a core value shared by the CIP Team) and its mission of promoting cooperation and partnering with the Private Sector, the DM agreed to the engagement being recorded (below), and you are invited to engage with constructive and productive comment (and we reserve the right of moderation)..

The CIP Team wishes to express our gratitude to the DM and his Team members for their time and consideration in this matter, and we are looking forward to assisting the DWS in making the VRSI project a success, in line with our Vision of a Clean and Functioning, Economically Vibrant Emfuleni.

Gerhard Janse van Rensburg


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